Mike's forensic tools

MFT MSN - resolves email address to Microsoft Messenger/Live ID and vice versa. Allows you to really find out who is talking to whom, read more: MFT MSN

MFT Hex Chomper - parses through a block of raw HEX to find any valid dates in a specified range. Many time and date formats applied on selection, read more: MFT Hex Chomper  

MFT Switch-a-Roo - is a simple text replacement tool, it removed the dots from unicode text, allows custom replacements and decodes URL and HTML encoding.
Read more: MFT Switch-a-Roo

MFT Stampede - is a quick time and date converter, instead of having to work out the type of date you want to convert just copy in the HEX or the string and Stampede will work it out for you, as long as it is valid of course. Read more: MFT Stampede

MFT Simple NA - a cut down viewer to allow quick and simple access to NetAnalysis Workspaces. Allow the viewer to remove surplus entries such as iecompat and ietld and many others, so the viewer can focus on the evidential entries. Coming Soon. 

MFT Runtime - software for cataloging movies, creating an individual running total for each the movies that is totalled up to give a full account of the runtimes. Coming soon. 

MFT Cookie Monster - a listing tool that parses Cookie.plists from Apple iPhones to give a printable/end user readable account of Internet history. Coming soon. 

MFT PictureBox - when pointed at a folder of images, this allows the viewer to see EXIF data of the images side by side to quickly establish any links or patterns. 

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