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A Fistful of Dongles
A Geek Raised by Wolves
An Eye on Forensics
Blog Matt Churchill
Computer Forensic Blog
Computer Forensic Source
Computer Forensics and IR - What's New
Computer Forensics Forums - Recent Blogs Posts - Blogs
Computer Forensics, Malware Analysis & Digital Investigations
Computer Forensics-E-Discovery Tips-Tricks and Information
CSITech - Computer Forensics
Cyber Crime 101
CyberSpeak's Podcast
Dancho Danchev's Blog - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge
Derek Newton « Information Security Insights
Didier Stevens
Digital Detective
Digital Forensic Source
Digital Forensics Blog
Digital Forensics Solutions
EDD and Forensics
Ex Forensis
Forensic 4cast
forensic . seccure . net
Forensic Artifacts
Forensic Computing — Digital forensics from the view of a computer scientist
Forensic Incident Response
Forensic Photoshop
Forensics from the sausage factory
Geoff Black's Forensic Gremlins - Everything that gives you fits in Digital Forensics and E-Discovery
Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics blog
integriography A Journal of Broken Locks, Ethics, and Computer Forensics
Internet Storm Center Diary
IR and forensic talk
JL's stuff
Journey into Incident Response
Macaroni Forensics
Matthieu Suiche’s blog ! - Happiness only real when shared.
McGrew Security Blog
Mobile Device Forensics
Mobile Forensics Inc Blogger
Mobile Telephone Evidence
OS X Forensics Blog
Push the Red Button
RAM Slack – Random Thoughts from a Computer Forensic Examiner
Reversing Malware
Security Ripcord
The Digital Standard
trustedsignal -- blog
volatility Advanced Memory Forensics
Windows Forensic Environment
Windows Incident Response

Brian Carrier Digital Investigation - Forensics and Evidence Research
CERIAS Reports and Papers Archive
Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section US DOJ
Computer Forensics Miscellany
Craig Gall Helping Lawyers Master Technology
DFI News
DFRWS (Digital Forensics Research Conference)
Digital Forensics Magazine supporting the professional computer security industry
E-Evidence Information Center - Home
FIRST - Improving security together
Forensic Focus
Forensic Magazine Issues
Forensics Wiki
Inside the registry
International Journal of Digital Evidence on Utica College
Into The Boxes
Lenny Zeltser
Mobile Forensics Central
NIST Computer Security Division Special Publications
Open Source Digital Forensics
SANs Computer Forensics
SANS InfoSec Reading Room - Forensics
SANS InfoSec Reading Room - Incident Handling
SANS InfoSec Reading Room - Malicious Code
SANS InfoSec Reading Room - Steganography
Small Scale Digital Device Forensics Journal
Welcome AppleExaminer

AuSCERT Forming an Incident Response Team searching and seizing manual
Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals
Default Processes in Windows 2000
Digital Evidence: Standards and Principles
FileSignatures Table
Forensically interesting spots in the Windows 7, Vista and XP file system and registry (and anti-forensics)
Microsoft Windows XP - Default settings for services
RFC 3227 - Guidelines for Evidence Collection and Archiving
SEI Handbook for Incident Response Teams
Windows 7 Default Services and Suggested Startup Mode

Yahoo Win4n6 Group

Yahoo Linux Forensics Group


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