SQLite forensic tools - epilog

Many devices (whether mobile phones, computers, SatNavs or other devices) store data in the SQLite database format.

Data stored in this type of database can provide a huge evidential opportunity for investigators.

Many ‘off-the-shelf’ tools can be used to view the live records in the database, but epilog from CCL-Forensics extracts deleted and de-referenced data from the database files or across a disc image or hex dump.

epilog’s three recovery algorithms can be used on any SQLite database, regardless of the type of data stored. However, epilog signatures can be used to tailor its behaviour towards a particular database. Included with the initial release of epilog are signatures including:
  • Android (SMS, call logs, calendars, address book and others)
  • iPhone (SMS, emails, calendar, and others)
  • Smartphone third party applications (including Yahoo Messenger, eBuddy chat and others)
  • Safari (internet history and cache and others)
  • Mozilla (cookies, internet history, form data and others)
  • Chrome (internet history)
epilog is available for instant download. The software is fully functioning for 7 days.
Upon expiry of the trial period, a license key for epilog is available for purchase.
Payment is made by credit card using PayPal. Please choose your option below.
Trial version:
Provides full functionality for 7 days


Individual license:
Provides unlimited use of EPILOG on one nominated computer.
150.00 GBP

Site license:
Unlimited use of EPILOG for multiple users at a single location
750.00 GBP

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