Social-Engineering Toolkit

Social-Engineering Toolkit(SET) 是一個由 David Kennedy (ReL1K)設計的社會工程學工具,該工具集成了多個有用的社會工程學攻擊工具在一個統一的簡單界面上。SET的主要目的是對多個社會工程攻擊工具實現 自動化和改良。作為一個滲透測試人員,社會工具是一個有效的攻擊手段,但實際上並沒有多少人使用它。目前SET更新至1.3.5版,新版主要改變如下:

  • Fixed a bug where create payload and listener wouldn't work for the new SET interactive shell or RATTE
  • Updated the SET User Manual for version 1.3.5
  • Fixed the core.log(error) core library to properly log potential errors within SET
  • Updated the SET interactive listener to hold over nearly unlimited connections versus the 30 it was initially limited to
  • Turned the Java Repeater off by default, still a bit buggy, feel free to turn on if you want it
  • Added an automatic selection for the Sun Java Applet2ClassLoader Remote Code Execution to select java meterpreter since it is specific to the java meterpreter as a payload selection
  • Fixed alignment issues in the Metasploit attack vectors
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