Lantern Lite

Katana Forensics, Inc.  The creators of the leading iOS Forensic analysis software”Lantern”  has created a free imager for iOS Devices. Katana believes that imaging should be free.  Analysis is where critical thinking is accomplished.  Imaging shouldn’t also be only in the domain of just one sector of forensics, but should also be available to all to include the Security sector that needs to analyze mobile devices more and more.

Lantern Lite!!!  The first Mac based GUI iOS Imager that is completely free.  This site is dedicated to those that perform digital forensics. This application is intended to be free and not meant for those corporations that don’t innovate.  The code released here is all GPL.  Any use, part or in whole by a proprietary program must therefore release their code as well.

What will Lantern Lite do?
        • Fully automated
        • Automated device identification
        • Brute force a simple passcode
        • Image a device
        • decrypt an image
        • Decrypt the keychain (later versions)
What devices will Lantern Lite Support?
        • iPhone 3GS
        • iPhone 4 (GSM & CDMA)
        • iPod Touch 4G
        • iPod Touch 3G
        • iPad 1G
What version of iOS will be supported?
        • iOS 4
        • iOS 5
Will there be any improvements to Lantern Lite?
        • Since this is an open source application, the community can add changes
        • Future developments will include, iOS 3 support


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