PDF文檔分析工具 - Origami 1.0

Origami 是一個使用Ruby編寫的用於解析、分析和生成pdf文檔的安全工具。Origami的目標是提供一個腳本工具可以生成和分析惡意PDF文件。當然,它也可以用於定製屬於自己的PDF文件,例如向現有文檔中插入惡意代碼。Origami的主要特點如下:

    * Support for AES256 encryption/decryption of documents.
    * Support for G3 unidimensional encoding/decoding of CCITTFax streams.
    * Support for TIFF predictor functions.
    * Enhanced support for Ruby 1.9.
    * Can now be installed as a gem.
    * Added methods for browsing pages and name trees.
    * Added a Ruby shell for quick document analysis.
    * Added a set of useful tools built upon Origami (pdfdecrypt, pdfencrypt, pdfdecompress, pdfextract, pdfmetadata, pdfcocoon, pdfcop, pdf2graph, pdf2ruby…)
    * Lots of bug fixes.

工具下載:hg clone https://origami-pdf.googlecode.com/hg/ origami

Origami is a Ruby framework designed to parse, analyze, and forge PDF documents. It aims at providing a scripting tool to generate and analyze malicious PDF files. As well, it can be used to create on-the-fly customized PDFs, or to inject (evil) code into already existing documents. Origami is a framework for PDF documents manipulation written in pure Ruby. It can be used to analyze or create malicious PDF documents. Being written in Ruby, the core engine of Origami is totally scriptable and can be used for automated tasks on large sets of documents. A GTK graphical interface is also available for manually browsing through the inner objects of a PDF document.

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